Web Programming Workshop (Shorter One)

05-11-2023 19:52

As a freelance work, social service and in collaboration with, I did and taught a web programming workshop in Spanish in February 2022 which is the short version of the first one I had taught months before, here are the links to the recordings and the material now in web version: I may add subtitles in Spanish and English later on

Slides (web format) Taller Programación web Front-End 2022 - Video 1 Taller Programación web Front-End 2022 - Video 2 Taller Programación web Front-End 2022 - Video 3

Web Programming Course (Spanish)

05-11-2023 19:41

As freelance job, social service and in collaboration with organization hosted by Simon Levy, I had teach a course fully in Spanish of around 14 hours along several weeks and I had uploaded all on Youtube at first, I hope you enjoy the content, I will update the courses soon, here are the videos and the material in PDF format:

PDF Material
Web Programming Course (Spanish) - Intro 1/7
Web Programming Course (Spanish) - Bases 2/7
Web Programming Course (Spanish) - HTML 3/7
Web Programming Course (Spanish) - CSS 4/7
Web Programming Course (Spanish) - Javascript 5/7
Web Programming Course (Spanish) - Design Principles 6/7
Web Programming Course (Spanish) - Frameworks Final 7/7

Youtube reproduction list:

Curso Programación web Front-End 2021

Hello (again)

05-11-2023 04:29

I just switched my blog from Plume blogging platform to a markdown-ish file in the same place where is my site, althought I like a lot the variety of Fediverse platforms, I decided just keep it local